Season 3 of Scienceburg Labs served as being the third twenty-five episodes of the series. Release dates for these episodes are unconfirmed, as most production of the show has yet to begin. The main characters remain to include Prof. Wright, Mr. Rhezo, Prof. Mysteria, Prof. J, Dr. Akson, Dr. Occtoray, and Prof. Perez. Recurring characters from Season 1 and Season 2 include Mayor Fernando, Dr. S. StudiesSophia WrightJenny Lax, and Dr. Sills.


These episodes were made all across 2013 and 2014, with a few reinacted previously such as "Blind", "I Loathe It", and "Going Cakeless".


No. Title Written by
51 "Blind" Faves3000

Mr. Rhezo loses his vision, so it is up to the gang to discover what happened to Mr. Rhezo and how they can fix it.

52 "Fright Walk" CompliensCreator00

The gang all dedicates a day to facing their fears, but after Prof. Mysteria is found out to have no true fear which can be performed simply, they must find out what works by the end!

53 "Super Smarter" Faves3000

When the scientists create a ray gun which gives people hyper-intellegence, they fire it at Mr. Rhezo, but he becomes too smart for the rest of the scientists!

54 "The Heavy Sleeper" Faves3000

When Prof. Wright's sleep loss gets to her head, Prof. Mysteria creates a drink which should help her sleep. But when Prof. Wright takes too much, they have to find out how to wake her up.

55 "A Magical Band Camp Journey" CompliensCreator00
When Sophia finally gets the oppurtunity to go to band camp, Prof. Wright decides to chaperone- until she becomes a section leader by the end of the day.
56 "Pranked!" CompliensCreator00
A well-known fact is that people born in April are better prankers than anyone else in the world. Trust me, it's science. And it just so happens that Prof. Mysteria's birthday is in April, so the rest of the scientists must try to stay hidden on April Fools's day.
57 "Jocelyne Wright 007: You Only Live Thrice or So" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright once again has to put up with being a secret spy, but this time, she gets introduced to a gang of many more secret agents who work alongside her. Now they have to find the goal of stopping an evil force from killing someone three times at once.
58 "Out J-Walking" Mochlum

After Prof. J's near-death experiences get more and more dangerous, the gang must discover a way to make it so Prof. J doesn't encounter them more often.

59 "Karaoke of DOOM!" Darkside1313

When Prof. Wright accidentally spills the Grim Reaper's soda, she gets challenged to a karaoke match which will determine her survival.

NOTE: This is the first appearance of the Grim Reaper in the series.

60 "I Loathe It" CompliensCreator00

When an annoying pop song is all the new craze in Scienceburg, Prof. Wright can not put up with it.

61 "Identity Loss" CompliensCreator00

When Mayor Fernando spray paints the last building in Scienceburg, he begins feeling as if he is no longer popular, and can not get any more famous than he already is.

62 "Arrested" CompliensCreator00
Due to not being able to pay for an overdue book at a library which she have had since she was five, Prof. Wright gets arrested, and it is up to her friends to break her out of jail.
63 "Camp-Out" Faves3000

The gang goes camping, but in the woods, you never know what will hurt you, like a lack of technology, for instance.

64 "Neptunian Vacation" CompliensCreator00
When Dr. Akson feels homesick, the gang takes a vacation to Neptune, but the other 6 scientists have not entirely safely adapted to the new conditions.
65 "Forever Falling" Faves3000

Prof. Wright and Dr. S. Studies are trapped in a bottomless pit, and with all they have being a game of Scrabble, not much is going to be well between the two.

66 "Losing the Right to Bear Arms" CompliensCreator00

When Prof. Wright gets hit by an E.M.P. drive, rendering her right arm useless, she must survive without it for a day until she can restore power to it.

67 "Grounded" Faves3000
When Mr. Rhezo's parents see what happens at the lab, Mr. Rhezo gets grounded, and he can not be at the lab for a week, but can everyone put up with a missing member?
68 "Number One Fan" Faves3000
Prof. Wright apparently has a large fan, and feels glad to have them, but when they begin constantly stalking Prof. Wright, she becomes determined to get rid of them.
69 "Everybody Loves Rhezo" Faves3000

Mr. Rhezo creates a machine which makes anyone in his age group fall in love with him, but there is consequences to everything.

70 "Trick or Cheat" Faves3000
For Halloween, Dr. S. Studies decides to dress up in several costumes so he can get more candy than usual, but when Prof. Wright gets suspicious, she decides to put an end to Dr. S. Studies's actions.
71 "Lincoln of Stone" CompliensCreator00
Prof. Wright wants to sit on the largest recliner in the world, but since it is being occupied by a large statue of Abraham Lincoln, she must remove Abraham Lincoln from the chair so she can have it to herself.
72 "Mayor No More!" Faves3000
When Davey discovers that Mayor Fernando has spray painted his house, the citizens of Scienceburg try to revoke his position of mayor.
73 "The Silence" Faves3000

Mr. Rhezo makes a device which turns everything silent, but with no reverse, no one can tell how to change everything back to normal.

74 "Going Cakeless" CompliensCreator00
After many places around Scienceburg begin selling cake, Mayor Fernando bans the food altogether, and when it is Prof. Mysteria's birthday, and no one can celebrate properly due to the cake ban, they have to obtain cake from the black market.
Special "Love is in the Air (Just Not the Air We Are Currently Breathing)" CompliensCreator00